Ken Pinckert, Drums




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Music influances:

JourneySagaSteve Lukather, Toto, Yes, Kansas, Mr. Mister, Pink Floyd, Camel, Creed, Queensriche, Queen, BlueManGroup, Supertramp and much more.

Current Mission:

...testing my neighbor's patients.  It would be great to be in a band again but I have not been since we move to Everett.


Ken started his musical career in elementary band.  After a brief bout with a French Horn he moved his focus to percussion. That seems to be in the 1970's although specific dates are hard to collaborate. Through out his school years he did as much with music as possible accumulating numerous letters for chorus, band, jazz band, marching band and a few others. 

Ken joined his first rock band in Colorado in the mid 1980's.  Before too long they began to think they were going to hit the big time.  With high ambitions their strategy was California or Bust! They quit their jobs.  They started to pack.  The band then promptly fell apart.  To this day no one knows what exactly happened.  So Ken, with no job or band pressed forward to California anyway.  And all for the better.

After a brief settling in period Ken was back at it again.  Playing with several San Rafael based bands, one of which was pretty good but didn't do any shows.  After a couple of years with that band it had to end, Ken's job made him move to the Seattle area.

It's been 4 years without a band.  The urge is still there and for the moment just grateful for tollerant neighbors.



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Ken Pinckert